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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Stash Surprise - A Chance Colourway

Fabric, stash pull, Puppilalla, colourway, colorway

Look what I found. I was chosing fabrics from my stash for the two February quilting bee assignments (both got completed today - yeah) and piled up fabrics all over the apartment when I spied this. 

Fabric, stash pull, Puppilalla, colourway, colorway

Sometimes chance does it all for you. Is this not a lovely colourway? If anyone can suggest a pattern to use those fabric to their best effect, please feel free to comment. =)

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Up the Ante #3 - Fabric Rehearsal

Yesterday I sat - cup of tea in hand - next to the little pile of scraps I wanted to use up in my sampler quilt and got thinking about colour. Already despite my initial plan to work indiscriminatingly with all scraps in the pile, I find myself grouping them together and favouring some over others. That shows that my eyes strive for a certain harmony within the project.

Therefore, I decided to do a little colour study with my fabrics. As you can see the majority of my scraps are blue, blue-green, green and yellow-green, which sit right next to each other on the colour wheel and therefore correspond beautifully which each other.

Puppilalla Up the Ante Sampler Quilt Colour Study and Fabric Choice

Right opposite of yellow-green sits red-violet, which as complementary colour provides contrast to the yellow-green. That explains why the neon hot pink prints actually do work within that context.

My key fabric is Basic Grey’s ‘Grudge’ in Mint, which I do love. The colour combination of the minty tints with the olive green thrown in is just wonderful and has - funny as it is given that we speak about mint - a very warm feel to it. The olive green provides an overlaying sense of vintage sepia to the fabric.

Puppilalla Up the Ante Sampler Quilt Colour Study and Fabric Rehearsal

Combined with low volume fabrics and assorted scraps I imagine the finished quilt to be lovely. The neutral fabrics and low volume prints will provide the necessary negative space so the multicoloured blocks will not crowd each other in or clash, where they are not immediately harmonising due to their varying tints and shades.

I have a few other blocks I want to share with you but as the weather has been unrelentingly grey these past few days, I have not yet managed to take some pictures. 

Next time round =)

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Surprise, Surprise - A Scrap Bag Treat

My birthday is coming up and so I thought I treat myself to a little extravagance.  I ordered some Anna Maria Horner studio quilting cotton scrap bags. Have I mentioned that I love surprises? Not yet? Well then - I LOVE SURPRISES! Good surprises anyway. Thus a fabric swap or scrap bag always holds some allure for me. Yes, of course it can go horribly wrong (and has gone so) but I figure it is still worth the risk occasionally.      =)

Anna Maria Horner Studio Quilting Cotton Scrap Bag Puppilalla Mail

What I like about scrap bags and swaps is that you are being pushed out of your comfort zone by being confronted with fabrics that you might not have chosen yourself necessarily. Unless the fabrics received in this manner are downright horrid (no danger with Anna Maria Horner fabrics there), the relatively small amounts of fabric add to the variety and liveliness of any project, by getting in the mix of the fabrics I might have already pulled from my stash. So lets unwrap some goodie bags, shall we?

Anna Maria Horner Studio Quilting Cotton Scrap Bag Puppilalla
Here we go. Three solids and sixteen prints, of which I only had one in my stash already. Albeit having been a pricey foray considering the relatively small amount of fabric received, I like the result. Again I found a few prints, I might not have chosen myself whilst fabric shopping but that I can see scope for now that they found their way to me. The green striped print with flowers, the yellow flower print and the purple suggest another pillow case to me. 

Anna Maria Horner Studio Quilting Cotton Scrap Bag unwrapped Puppilalla

Keep your eyes peeled for those pretties popping up in future sewing projects.

Surprises. Yeah!

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Fabric aging and fading - a startling afternoon discovery

While pulling out fabrics for my friend Karin last week, whom I wanted to gift matching fabrics for her next quilting project, I came across the last bit of the 'Ice Cream' print by October Afternoon. It stopped me mid-rummage. About three years ago I had gotten an e-reader as a present and was over the moon. (Still am) So before even properly unwrapping it, let alone setting the settings, I sat down to sew a cover to protect my future portable library. 

I used the 'Ice Cream' print together with some strong black fabric as lining and an orange ribbon , more for fun, than for keeping the cover shut. Since it was made the e-book cover has been in use on an almost daily basis. It and the e-reader it protects go wherever I go and have accompanied me everywhere from the Cornish Sea to Cuba's highest mountain. Some wear is starting to show.

The cover itself has not been particularly mistreated. It lives around the apartement and in every bag I happen to carry, has been washed and ironed several times, certainly seen its share of full sunlight exposure and been mistaken for a dish cloth for cleaning spillage by assorted toddlers on occasion.      =) 

What surprised me when I came across the original fabric was, that I had been unaware, how faded and aged the cover had become with time. In only three years it had lost a lot of its original vibrancy and lustre and mellowed into a kind of faded and pale version of it's former self. 

Far from being problematic, all that merely got me thinking about fabric aging and fading in general. I suppose, all kinds of factors need to be accounted for. It must play a role how and where you store your fabrics, where and by which firm and process they were printed or dyed in the first place and how much any object fashinoned from the fabrics is being used and in what surroundings.

Did you have similar moments with any of your sewing projects? As I give most of them away as presents, I usually do not get to see them again for a long time and when I do, I would be hard pressed to spot the differences without having the original fabrics at hand.

All of the above and my collecting the photographic evidence of the case, thoroughly diverted my attention from my original goal of locating specific fabrics, which I had completely forgotten about and had to resume the next day.