Monday, 20 March 2017

The Rakish Needle Round Robin - Prep and Planning

With the ‘Blithe’ Blog Tour safely out of the way, I finally turned my attention to the exciting prospect of the ‘Rakish Needle Round Robin’.

I am so excited. Yes, I am aware that I have said as much in every last blog post for a few months now. =) It is still true though. Our group of six is already busy exchanging progress pictures on WhatsApp and I think everyone is as excited as I am.

I have already seen two starter blocks and I can promise that this is going to be a challenging and amazing round robin year. The starter blocks are meant to go into the mail around the 20th of March, so I am busy getting my act together. As Anita, who will receive my starter kit, is currently travelling ,I have an extended grace period to complete my starter block. =)

My quilt theme is:

Adventures at Sea...

Puppilalla, Rakish Needle, Round Robin, Quilt Journal

I have prepared a little inspirational collage and glued into the little journal that is to travel with the quilt. I even wrote a little story, which I hope will set the mood for my fellow sewists.

Puppilalla, Rakish Needle, Round Robin, Fabric Pull, Patchwork, Fabric Stash
My fabric selection consists of jewelled tones in contrast with gray on white, white on white and discreet low volume background fabrics.

Puppilalla, Rakish Needle, Round Robin, Fabric Pull, Patchwork, Fabric Stash, low volume fabric

I will of course send a selection of fabrics travelling with the starter block to help out those participants that might not have many jewelled tones in their stash, as well as to illustrate what kind of fabrics to look for.

Puppilalla, Rakish Needle, Round Robin, Foundation Paper Piecing, New Yourk Beauty BOM, Patchwork

I admit, I fell in love with Jennifer’s starter block which was a wind rose. Thus, I will shamelessly steal that idea and make it my own. As Jennifer of ‘Never Just Jennifer’, I will use some of the free ‘New York Beauty’ BOM block templates to make that wind rose. I am already furiously piecing away.

Imrov block, Patchwork, Improvisation quilt, folksy fish, Puppilalla, round robin quilt, quilting
I also made this little ‘Folksy Fish’ inspired fish block to send as an extra. I really like these funny and happy looking fish by Sarah Elizabeth. There is a paper piecing pattern now available too but as I just wanted one little fish at this point, I improvised it. I will ask my group to insert it along with their own contributions at some stage. It poses an interesting question of scale. So how big or tiny exactly are fish and mermaid then? =)

There is something nautical going on...

As you might have already guessed, I am not looking for a traditional round robin quilt top, where border upon border is added each round but instead for a more free style, add blocks and pieces as you go, kind of piecing.

Three of the four compass points of the wind rose will be removed form the starter block and I will invite my fellow sewists to fill the space in-between with their ‘Adventure at Sea’ ideas.

In the spirit of less talking and more doing I will be off to my sewing machine again.

Happy stitching everyone.


Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Orphan Quilt Block Adoption - Starting March 16th

I am inspired by Cynthia Brunz's of Cynthia Brunz Designs who is host to a bi-annual Quilty Orphan Adoption Event. This is a great initiative, basically waste not, want not at its best, so I thought, I re-post the event here to spread the word. 

Cynthia invites everyone to join a link party on her blog to give up orphaned blocks or projects for adoption. It is a good way to clean out sewing spaces and to give a second chance to a project that you are no longer inspired by but that might be taken up by someone else to finish. So in order to not just store the orphan blocks and projects on another person's shelf, people are encouraged to only adopt a project if they feel that they truly want to complete it. =)

Last fall, Cynthia put these leftover diamond shapes up for adoption. They were from a previous quilt of hers that got too big.She was not inspired by them at all.

Cynthia Brunz

Apparently, Joye from South Carolina adopted them and made the below quilt she then gave to charity. Cynthia promptly commented: 'Are you kidding me!?!? Isn't it beautiful! Who knew this lovely quilt was in that stack of unwanted fabric. Well, Joye did!'

Cynthia Brunz

The linky party starts Thursday March 16th and closes late Saturday the 18th. The adoption guidelines can be found here. I do only currently have about two orphan blocks lying around so I will only cheer from the sidelines this time round but if you have an UFO that is stalking your dreams or gives you a guilty conscience, consider giving it up for adoption. Having said that you might equally wish to adopt a project.


Monday, 13 March 2017

Stash Bee 2017 - March Block - Gwen Marston Style

Puppilalla, Gwen Marston, Improv Block, Patchwork, Liberated Quilting, Improv quilting

This month’s Queen Bee Patty invited us to broaden our quilting horizon a little bit by embracing Gwen Marston and her ideas on ‘liberated’ quilting. Patty made a few sample blocks and provided a wealth of resources to delve into in support of our monthly assignment.

The assignment was fun even though it took quite a while to complete, certainly much longer than the short hour bee blocks are meant to take up. I found the sewing experience overall satisfying and think I succeeded in creating visual interest.
I would however not necessarily want any such items – look wise – in my living surroundings. I believe that trying the ‘liberated’ quilting techniques is helping me to grow as a quilter but the overall look reminds me too much of ‘crazy quilting’, which is just not my thing at all. Therefore, I am not sorry to let this little block go but I certainly hope that Queen Patty will like it.

Puppilalla, Gwen Marston, Improv Block, Patchwork, Liberated Quilting, Improv quilting

I am also approaching the finishing line in completing my improv pillowcase, which I only started last year in February, so no need to hurry right? =) I will have to make some bias tape to frame the pillowcase and it will be done – in time even for the First Quarter FAL.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Stash Bee March 2017 – A Universe of Stars!

Puppilalla Illustration Queen Bee Pirate

My former Stash Bee Hive 8 mate of last year Lee has turned Queen of her current hive this month and for the sake of the good times had, I felt honour bound to hive crash =)

Queen Lee is looking to populate the firmament with a universe of stars. She left it up to her hive mates to decide what kind of stars. The only request was that they had to adhere to a colour scheme of dark blue and coral, preferably both in one block, sprinkled with optional hot pink and turquoise.

This did strike me as the perfect opportunity to finally make the ‘Summer Perseid’ block by ‘Leland Ave Studios’ I have had an eye on for a while now.

Crashing Stash Bee Hive 3

Summer Perseid Block, Puppilalla, Leland Ave Studios, Quilting bee, free block, patchwork

The ‘Summer Perseid’ block was created for the Fabri-Quilt New Block Blog Hop in 2015 and in my opinion, it has not yet gotten the attention it deserves. It is such a fabulous block with its asymmetrical star working very well for me.

Therefore, falling into the trap of ‘I’ll just quickly whip this up…’ I naturally spent most of Saturday making one block for Queen Lee and one for myself.

I had meant to add the ‘Summer Perseid’ to my blocks-in-waiting- to-be-turned-into-sampler-quilt for a while now and this was as good an opportunity as any to finally do it.

Summer Perseid Block, Puppilalla, Leland Ave Studios, Quilting bee, free block, patchwork

My block has already been stashed away with its fellows and Lee’s block will go into the mail at the end of the week. =)

Next I better attend to my own Hive's March Queen’s block request. It is a Gwen Marston style improvisational log cabin block. I am looking forward to it.