Thursday, 16 February 2017

Katarina Roccella’s Blithe Blog Tour - Baby Blanket

Currently, it is very busy behind the scenes of this blog. I am busy organising the 'Rakish Needle Round Robin', which starts properly in March. So far I have signed up participants, compiled the address list, organised the commuication platform and discuss form and whatnot of starter blocks with the ladies in the group. All this causes me to want to flit off to do a just a teensy bit of work on the round robin project when I ought to concentrate on the blog hop that is lying ahead. And I do. Of course I do BUT I am tempted to veer off nonetheless. 

Blithe Blog Hop, Puppilalla, Katarina Roccella, paper piecing, static interference quilt block, paper piecing in progress

So where are we then? I have created the paper piecing template for my block design in Inkscape. A shaky but valid first attempt. It does not look as neat and professional as I would like it to but I accept that this will come when I start understanding the design programme better. (I needed a tutorial to tell me how to affect a straight line in the first place. I can tell you, it is not self-explanatory!) As for now, I am seriously thrilled that I have managed to transform one of my many designs from mere idea to an actual usable and workable template. (YEAH)

It is an unreal pinch-me feeling to realize that I am working with my own templates rather than some printed from a fellow quilter or admired designer (both may co-incide of course =)

Blithe, Blog Hop, Puppilalla, Katarina Roccella, paper piecing, static interference quilt block, paper piecing

I have printed said templates as many time as I needed for a baby quilt and spent an evening cutting them to size and colouring them in accordance with my project plan. At the moment they litter my living room floor in order for me not to loose oversight of the colour flow whilst I am sewing the pieces.

The fabrics I had  requested for the project still have not arrived. I had word from Katarina this week that the consignment was returned to her after not having been claimed for 20 days. This angers me more than I can possible write here. I checked with several local post offices at the off chance that the consignment arrived - of course without avail. I never received any notification that the consignment had arrived in the first place, which is obviously why it had subsequently not been claimed. I am getting angry again... deep breath... no use crying over spilled milk... OK, then.

I had waited to the last possible moment in the hope the fabrics would arrive but had to start sewing eventually. In fact I have left it too late, which means I will not be able to present a finished baby blanket. A completed quilt top is my aim for the 1st of March and I will have to sew at speed to make it happen. In the absence of the required material, I am working with a fat quarter bundle of 'Blithe' prints I had luckily purchased. Of course - as previously mentioned - that changed my original project plan. I have also chosen the 'Sacred Seeds in Brittle' print of the 'Wanderer' collection by April Rhodes to compliment Katarina Roccella’s wonderful 'Blithe' prints.

Paper piecing is a lot of fun and I am enjoying the look of the finished blocks. I am sorely tempted to show them to you already but no - patience - the 1st of March is not all that far away now. If you have a moment, check out what fabulous projects already were made in the course of the ongoing blog hop.

I link up with 'Let's bee social'

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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Stash Bee 2017 - February Block - Improv Log Cabin

Puppilalla, Quilting Bee, Stash Bee

Carmit, Hive 4 Queen of February asked for an easy, improv log-cabin-y block in a colour of our choice to make a monochromatic block with a neutral centre. Additionally,  for a bonus level challenge, Carmit pointed out that she does not like solids.

I chose yellow as it seemed that I had the most scraps in that colour. But once I got sewing it did not feel as if I had actually enough scraps. Strange phenomenon. =)  I could not entirely do without solids either as firstly, solids lend character and secondly, I needed something anchor the busy prints. The block is a little bigger then it needed to be but this way Carmit will be able to choose which print she wants to see more or less of and trim accordingly.

Improv quilting, log cabin block, Puppilalla, quilting bee block,

Carmit also said that she is really bored of her own fabrics and can’t wait to introduce a bit of variety into her existing blocks. So I hope my block contains enough new prints to shake things up.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Katarina Roccella’s Blithe Blog Tour - Kick Off

Katarina Roccella’s fresh new blog tour featuring her fabric range 'Blithe' for Art Gallery Fabrics, kicked off last week and will last until the 1st of March. This is very exciting for me as I am a participant and the ‘tailender’ at that, bringing up the rear on the 1st of March. I have already seen many wonderful pictures on Instagram worth checking out.

On the downside, the fabrics I have requested to actually sew my project have still not arrived. That is unfortunate actually border lining on project disastrous but I am not ready to throw the towel in just yet.

Currently, I am re-planning the project, developing another block design over my initial choice as I also purchased a fat quarter bundle of some of the ‘Blithe’ prints. Thus, I have some fat quarters to play with just not enough of some of the prints to run with my initial design choice.

I will see how quickly ad well I can resolve the issue. Meanwhile, I enjoy looking at all the below participant’s blog hop projects.

Here is the participants list with linked Instagram pages though Katarina will be linking the blog posts after their respective publication too =)

1. Erica Toole - January 18: @ skynme2
2. Mariana Diaz - January 19: @ sewMariana
3. Ashley Herrmann - January 20: @ petitestitchery
4. Isabelle Selak - January 21: @ southbaybella
5. Stacey Derksen - January 22: @ sweet_finnagin_boutique
6. Eleri Kerian - January 23: @ sewandtellproject
7. Hemamalini Elumalai - January 24: @ helumalai
8. Paola Baker - January 25: @ loveoffabrics
9. Sue Stone - January 26: @ needleinafabricstash
10. Cassie and Alexis - January 27: @ lilyshineforlittlelizardking and myysweetsunshine
11. Carolina Moore - January 28: @ craftmoore
12. Lesley Storts - January 29: @ lesleystorts
13. Ali Brorsen - January 30: @ becauseofbrenna
14. Kimberly Baird - January 31: @ monkeykimberly
15. Rebecca Makas - February 1: @ restitcherator
16. Natalie Santini - February 2: @ sewhungryhippie
17. Anna Durocher - February 3: @ bizzy_bean_clothing
18. Sharon Mcconnell - February 4: @ colorgirlquilts
19. Laura Scaramella - February 5: @ petitestitchery
20. Audrey - February 6: @ skirtfixation
21. Terra - February 7: @ mamasayssewblog
22. Nichole Vogelsinger - February 8: @ wildboho
23. Mara Capron - February 9: @ mara.creates
24. Anne Boundy - February 10: @ anneboundy
25. Heather Hatch - February 11: @ tanglewood_lane_dolls
26. Michael Caputo - February 12: @ patchworkandpaper
27. Julia Liebl-Fern - February 13: @ finefabric
28. Nicole Young - February 14: @ lillyellasworld
29. Karly Nelson - February 15: @ paisleyroots
30. Ines Hilsberg - February 16: @ naehzimmerplaudereien
31. Geraldine Wilkins - February 17: @ livingwaterquilter
32. Deanne Chambers - February 18: @ annieanddotfabrics
33. Mathew Boudreaux - February 19: @ misterdomestic
34. Judith Posdziech - February 20: @ septembers_delight
35. Elise Baek - February 21: @ eliseandemelie
36. Marija Vujčić - February 22: @ mvquilts
37. Elina Temmes - February 23: @ elinatemmes
38. Maja Wlusek - February 24: @ betyipiernaty
39. Jennifer DauFerermany - February 25: @ petitestitchery
40. Jacky Ayres - February 26: @ jackyayresdesigns
41. Yuliya Reshetnikova - February 27: @ yureshetnikova
42. Christine Bacquer Joubert - February 28: @ lopolokko
43. Katrin Umlauft - March 1: @ puppilalla

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Cathedral Windows {a mosaic contest}

Be careful what you wish for, right? Just last weekend I though - hmm I would not mind another mosaic contest and presto (!) - Rachel Hauser @Stitched in Color must have read my thoughts half a world away and subsequently offers another opportunity to play with pretty fabrics. Either that or it is totally coincidental.  =)

Rachel is not making it very easy either as this time round, the guiding motive are 'cathedral windows'. As always Rachel's inspiration collages are a treat for the eye and 'Royal Blue' has been named the prevailing colour.

Phew, OK then. Let's see. Associations please... ethereal, luminous, bright hues, edged in shadows, kaleidoscopic...

Entry 1

It is difficult to get around Kaffe Fassett for this challenge as his fabrics are playing right in this area of luminosity.  =)

1. Kona Cotton Solids · 1541 Deep Blue
2. moda, Sphere · 1544 17 Blue Crossing
3. Stof A/S, Silver Lining · 4503-216 Purple Geo Dots
4. Art Gallery Fabrics, Prisma Elements · PRE-806 Apricot Sunstone
5. Kaffe Fassett, Kaffe Collection I · Lake Blossoms - Black
6. Art Gallery Fabrics, Lavish · LAH-16801 Sunprint Orchid
7. Art Gallery Fabrics, Avant Garde · AVG-28901 Fluxus Ochre
8. FreeSpirit, Clementine · Summerhouse - Red
9. Birch, Mod Basics 3 · Firefly Dots Tomato

Entry 2

1. moda, Basic Mixologie · 33023 27 Chartreuse Gridlock
2. Birch, Tall Tales · TT-07 Moon Phase Marigold
3. Art Gallery Fabrics, Prisma Elements · PRE-806 Apricot Sunstone
4. Stof A/S, Silver Lining · 4503-216 Purple Geo Dots
5. Stof A/S, Silver Lining · 4503-234 Teal Geo Stripes
6. Andover, Sun Prints · 7752-O Mercury Flame
7. Kona Cotton Solids · 1541 Deep Blue
8. moda, Sphere · 1544 17 Blue Crossing
9. Andover, Sun Prints · 7753-B Grove Navy

The mosaic contest is sponsored by The Loopy Ewe. As always we can enter up to two mosaics of 9 fabrics each. Add the mosaics by midnight January 21st. On Sunday the 22nd, Rachel will open voting. The 2 winning mosaics will earn a complete fat quarter set of their mosaic fabrics!!! Winners announced January 25th.